Petit MIKA Floral Cherry Earrings - Pink *Gold-plated stems

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Delightfully charming cherry earrings with real flower petals enclosed?in transparent-pink resin.
Small cherry?
version; sold in a pair.?

  • Pink, Gold
  • Gold-plated copper (stem), resin (cherry fruit), flower petals
  • Also available in its big sister version -?MIKA Floral Cherries in Clear/Pink (Bigger version)
  • For a limited time only:?each pair comes with?both short and long gold-plated stems.


  • Total?length ~5cm-6cm
  • Cherry fruit ~1.9cm by 1.5cm
  • Cherry stem ~4.5cm-5.5cm

How To Wear: Wear gold stem?through earhole. Attach cherry fruit through gold joint?securely.

Product Care: Hold down gold joint?with fingers when releasing stem from cherry fruit. This tip protects product?integrity?and?maximises its?longevity.

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